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“The content of this inspiring book is a reflection of Mike’s truly wise ideology and it is indeed the ultimate hand book to provide you with the tools to discover your own unsurpassed physical, mental and spiritual ALPHA potential!”   - Foreword by Pete Evans, 7 x author, chef & nut activating badass…

Your uncomplicated guide to:

  • Get the body of your dreams, a body that performs
  • Get amazing, low stress relationships
  • Shift gears in your career
  • Realise your potential & become your own perfect mix of James Bond, Nelson Mandela & Batman

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By Mike Campbell

"This is the first book I’ve seen that addresses every part of the great man we all want to be (and what women want us to be)." - Bryan Krahn


Why read this book:

Do you want great relationships, a great body and great sex? 
Do you want to get into great shape, become a better man and live an awesome life?

Get lean, get strong and get healthy through an easy to follow process – find your A-game and live life as a real Alpha male.

Unleash Your Alpha focuses on the 5 key points – mindset, nutrition, training, lifestyle and man skills – giving men the blueprint to become strong, confident, compassionate and authentic; the modern day Alpha male.

Written by expert trainer and coach Mike Campbell, the Alpha Program combines the latest research and proven best practices to simplify each step so you LOOK YOUR BEST AND FEEL EVEN BETTER.


  • Simple Strategies to gain direction in your life and live with passion
  • An 18 week training plan – Blast fat, build muscle, improve your hormones, strength and 
  • Easy made nutrition – including 3 weeks meal plan 

  • And, importantly, a guide to the finer points of being a man

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 Pete Evans – author, celebrity chef, father, surfer & all round alpha

When I read this book I couldn’t help but feel like Mike was a modern day William Wallace (from the movie Braveheart), urging men to join him and bellowing, “Are you with me in this battle against mediocrity?!”  This book opens your eyes to the fact that life is to be lived and why not do the best darn job you can and have the best darn time while you’re doing it”

Pete Evans – author, celebrity chef, father, surfer & all round alpha peteevans.com
Bryan Krahn - Editor (formerly T-Nation), Coach & geek/meathead hybrid

“Bookstores are filled with thousands of “diet books,”  – despite their claims, none of these books has the answer. Unleash Your Alpha is different. It is the first book I’ve seen that addresses all aspects of a strong, healthy, productive man — nutrition, exercise, style, sex appeal, confidence, brotherhood. If you’re a man in search of guidance from the inside out, or if you’re a woman looking for something to really improve the health and well being of your mate, you can do no better than Unleash Your Alpha.

Bryan Krahn - Editor (formerly T-Nation), Coach & geek/meathead hybrid bryankrahn.com
Will H (case study for the book)

“The ‘Unleash Your Alpha’ programme was an extremely efficient way to lower a body fat percentage and build lean mass. There is no way that I couldn’t recommend Mike and his 5 step programme to anyone! I feel stronger, more energised and most importantly positivity has developed and others close to me have definitely noticed an increase in confidence levels since the beginning of the programme.”

Will H (case study for the book)

What you'll learn from UNLEASH YOUR ALPHA

  • Get lean & strong

    Discover Mike’s simple way to shed unwanted body fat and expose what lies beneath! Become a training beast made of stronger stuff – mentally, emotionally and physcially!

  • Get healthy

    In prioritising your health by eating, moving and sleeping well, you’re putting yourself in the best position for any body or life goal. This guide will ensure a healthy man greats every day!

  • Become the man you were born to be!

    Realise your potential and start living a life that you can not only be proud of, but truly love. Uncover what it is that drives you most and start living it every day!

Find out more info about the book & Mike

IMG_0225c (533x800)Mike Campbell is a trainer, coach, author and a massive food and training geek.


When he started as a Personal trainer nearly 10 years ago, he didn’t envisage coming across the same issues day in and day out, however, he did, and constantly has. Now he focuses on solving these problems for men, and also what led to him creating his coaching business and writing his book.

Mike is incredibly passionate about helping guys become the best man they can be. Mike is the mastermind and creator of the ‘Unleash Your Alpha Program’– a proven system for helping men unleash the power and awesomeness that lies within them.


Plus he loves to cook, eat and talk to his food. He loves stone fruit, cold beer, red wine and to think of himself as a low level Batman. And he likes to lift heavy things, eat many a variety of meat and write short bios.

You’ll find his advice to be uncomplicated and immediately actionable.

Mike believes strongly in making things easy to follow and implement.

Mike’s passion is helping men create a better life by teaching them how to eat like a man, train like a beast, operate like a gentleman and become a legend. The Mike Campbell way…

The longer story: who is Mike Campbell?

My own journey to writing these very words has been a mixed one. I’m from New Zealand- a ‘Kiwi male’. Let me explain:

  • A Kiwi male plays or watches rugby, he talks about it with his mates while having a beer or many. He is terribly bad at taking compliments and reasonably useless at giving them. He has never really mastered the art of emotions, so deep conversations with partners are shallow at best. Yarns with mates are usually jokes, stories and gags- all superficial. His problems are his problems, others problems are theirs. He can cook some meat on the BBQ, as we learnt this off ‘the old man’. Did I mention he likes to talk about sports?

I think you can get the picture. It’s also pretty safe to say that this description isn’t exclusively for Kiwi males, but most of today’s men, wouldn’t you agree?


However, it’s not always the case and in mine I had a wonderful upbringing in which my parents instilled great virtues and qualities in me and encouraged me to chase my dreams and follow my heart and passions. My dad is one of the genuine ‘do it all yourself handyman’, a jack of all trades and someone I’ve always looked up to as a strong role model. My mother was an amazing women and I’ll touch on her shortly. I have two wonderful sisters who have always been my friends (well, they coped the wrath of my immature self plenty enough) as well as being two of my biggest supporters in whatever I’ve done. I’ve been lucky to have some pretty awesome girlfriends that have helped to challenge me and make me a better man, none more so that my current partner Nardia, who has been a catalyst for what I do every day and an inspiration to always be better. Plus I’ve got great mates, guys that I’d go to war with. You know, if war was the pub (war- not for me), and having not had brothers of my own (until I landed two awesome bros-in-law) my mates are my brothers. And that’s not just meant in pseudo white-guy-come-brown kind of way, like truly brothers. Deep, I know.

This is how I am the man I am today- my life’s journey and the amazing people I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by and hang out with.


IMG_0429 (Copy)This leads me to my mother, one of the largest parts of my story and the main inspiration for why I’m now writing these words. Trish Campbell was and always will be an absolute legend and true inspiration. As a non-smoker her whole life (although I’m sure there must have been a puff or two as a rebellious teen, let’s face it…), she developed lung cancer and after living with more life, vibrancy and balls than most do in all their years, she sadly passed late on October 13 2011 when I was on my way to her bedside, about one hour’s drive away. I’ve always held my parents in the highest regard, however, unfortunately it took mum’s passing for me to truly realise her fight, courage, determination and true inspiration. In an ideal world I would have figured this out earlier and she’d still be around today to give me her evil stare for the teenage smoking call, but sadly that’s not the case.

I’ve been helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals for around ten years now, however, during the time mum lived with cancer as well as her constant lasting inspiration, I strengthened a deep passion for my own health as well as helping others with theirs and spreading my message of health and wellness to as many people as possible.

I realised that not only am I immensely driven to do this, I have a duty to help others with my knowledge. I can’t not do it.


HulkamaniaI did technically start training at the tender age of 8 years old when I received the Hulkamania Workout Set for Christmas, and subsequently ‘lifted and jumped’ in the lounge on regular occasion, much to the immense amusement of my sisters. I didn’t care, I couldn’t be happier, starting my path to forearms like Hulk. However, I have spent my adult life fine tuning thisprocess and I’ve seen it work for hundreds of clients.


Now I’m not that guy that used to be 150kg, weak, depressed, sick and full anti-alpha, but my life hasn’t been all dedication, focus, hustle, squats, chin ups and abs. I have been down the path of most men, if perhaps in some way different, still very much the same.

I was always active and played many sports excelling in particular at rugby. When I was at university I played very competitively, I even had All Blacks and other international players in my team.

So you might think I was an athlete; in great shape, ate well, avoided booze, driven- sorted.


I wasn’t. At all. Far from it in fact.


Ironically I’m much better suited to that highly competitive sport now, now that I have my shit (a lot more) sorted.

You see I was making some pretty basic, but ultimately costly, mistakes.


My dream was to become an All Black. It didn’t happen, and I can tell you why. It was the same mistakes I’ve touched on above. Let me explain:

  1. Not being clear on my goals and not realising the drive, focus and action and application needed to actually achieve them. My priorities were waaay off track for this
  2. My nutrition was horrid. Admittedly I was a broke student, but I managed to find enough cash for beers. Heaps of beers. I ate cheap mince, pasta, bread, noodles, baked beans, takeaways, McDonalds, like a lot of McDonalds. I had no idea what I was doing and my body and performances suffered horribly
  3. I was an athlete, right? Well, I went to training 3 times a week and played on Saturdays, but I hardly did anything outside of the team practice work, and when I did I was like a blind-folded nun at a swingers party- just trying to figure out how to get out unscathed as quickly as possible
  4. I partied. A lot. As I mentioned, I was a student, so this involved too much excess, not enough quality sleep and then late and all night cramming for exams and assignments. My lifestyle was a mess
  5. I was generally a lot closer to sloth and couch bound Nintendo player than upstanding citizen, fit to run the country one day or at least show men how to live a more awesome life. My life was living one week to the next, with no real pleasure past the weekend- oh and not freezing to death in my shitty flat!


IMG_0429cNow, I personally live and breathe the message in this book and am an unremitting example of its effectiveness. I consistently maintain a lean muscular physique without extreme dieting or measure of any kind. I’m a happy and positive guy that centres my world around friends, family, loved ones and things that make me happy and I make these a priority. Of course I have tough moments, stressful manic days, but I consistently put myself and my loved ones at the heart of my everyday decisions.

The blue print in this book is how I live my life. I’m by no means perfect, but I constantly strive for excellence and I take pride in myself, my appearance and behaviours and what I represent as a man.


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“The content of this inspiring book is a reflection of Mike’s truly wise ideology and it is indeed the ultimate hand book to provide you with the tools to discover your own unsurpassed physical, mental and spiritual ALPHA potential!” – Pete Evans, 7 x author, chef & nut activating badass…

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Jon goodman“Dude -- you wrote the sh*t out of that book! So f**king impressed on so many levels” - Jon Goodman, 2xAuthor, Coach, Owner Personal Trainer Development Centre